Essay Builder Decks

Everyone has a story to tell.  Essay Builder Decks are designed to help you find yours.  By identifying what really matters to you and connecting that 'core' trait to powerful stories, you will be able to craft an essay that shines a light on what makes you, you.

Sample content:

     Story Finder Cards:

  • "Winning was nothing like I thought it would be."
  • "This is the story my parents always tell about me. Here's what they don't know:"
  • "Maybe everyone has a secret life."

      I Am Cards:

  • "A person with a bad habit."
  • "Afraid of what comes next."
  • "Someone who sees past what shows."

Fun and easy to use, there are two unique decks that can be combined for even more inspiration.

Think. Create. Be Amazing.

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Deck Version:
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